30th June, Baubau will be visited by Hundreds of International Tourists


The city of Baubau is increasingly becoming one of the destinations that is interest for foreign tourists. With the potential of natural exoticism, friendliness of the people, art, culture, local wisdom, like a magnet for travelers. On June 30, 2019, the City of Baubau will be visited by hundreds of Travelers from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and several European Countries.

These International Tourists sail using the boat MV Silver Sea.

Head of the City Tourism Office Baubau, Ali Arham said, the International Tourists received the information about the uniqueness of tradition, culture, history, and the natural destination places of the Buton Islands, especially the City of Baubau. And one thing that became one of its own advantages, Buton Palace Castle (The Widest Fortress in the World).

During staying in Baubau City, the International tourists will visit the traditional crafts center of the community, enjoying the traditional culinary, watching and cooking directly the various traditional culinary. Not only these, they also enjoying the panorama of the Nirwana Beach.

Ali Arham added, that he will coordinate with the Immigration, Indonesia Sea and Coast Guard (KPLP), Police, Indonesia Port Corporations (Pelindo), Indonesian National Lines (Pelni), as well as paramedics from the City of Baubau. To maximize the comfort and the safety of the foreign guests.

“All will be maximized, to welcome and serve our guests. In order for them to get a good impression, interesting, exciting, happy, as long as they are in Baubau City.
And we hope they will visit here again, or informing their families, colleagues, and other tourists,” said Ali Arham.

[VONIZZ report].


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