Typical of the sad song, of the stream on the edge, soft white sand, and the Lakeba Beach fish palace

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From the coast of Lakeba Beach, Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, you can taste the joy of the soft singing of the current swishes on the edge, which soothes the heart.

The sand is soft white, comfortable to act as a footrest, recline or lie back and relax in the hot sun.

The rock walls are like a solid fortress.

When snorkeling in the sea water you will find beautiful nature; chunks of coral reef like a beautiful palace, the variety of fish is not much aligned with colors. The jellyfish also look unique in the water.

In the coastal area of ​​Lakeba Beach there is an area where fishermen and seaweed farmers live. However, in some areas there are also lodging buildings, cafes and restaurants, karaoke nightspots, fishing businesses and the shipping / yacht boat industry.

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