Amazed by Baubau’s Natural Potential, a French Tourism Entrepreneur Reminds About Trash

French tour operator, Manuela, in conversation with founder Kasamea.com, Ifan

Kasamea.com BAUBAU

“Manuela is the owner of a Vylla in Bali who plans to open a Bali tour package – Ramang-ramang – Buton – Muna – Wakatobi and Kabaena. Manuela works with Petra Mamonto, a tourist activist from Baubau City. The duo of the two, the regional government’s synergy, is expected to encourage more investment in the tourism industry in the Buton Islands (Kepton). “

Manuela admitted that he was amazed at the natural potential that lay in Baubau City. However, behind his admiration hides a report on the problem of waste, especially plastic waste, which is still widespread, without a common sense to fix it, to put an end to it.

Manuela laments the condition of the trash he found on Nirwana Beach.

In a brief conversation with tour package activists who already have hundreds of guests on this adventure package, a message is tucked away so that not only the local government, but the entire community has a role to play in preserving nature, especially in tourist destinations. The entire community, administrators as well as visitors to Nirwana Beach, is involved.

This woman, who has a hobby of traveling the world, spoke of creative and innovative concepts that can be done to maintain the cleanliness of Nirwana Beach, as well as other tourist destinations, in Khalifatul Khamis Country. A concept that contains educational value also has economic value.

For example, by making trash cans in the shape of fish, or various other unique shapes, with natural nuances or local wisdom.

This kind and smiling woman said she could also create colorful paintings with social messages about overcoming the waste problem. Not only in the trash can, but also in the existing garden sheds.

According to Manuela, his land is also imperfect, but there has also been a concerted movement to solve the waste problem. Dispose of waste in the designated area and a large-scale campaign against waste will be launched.

He even said that there was a father who designed the trash can in the shape of a fish so that it looked unique, artistic and more attractive. Raising awareness together, throwing rubbish in the appropriate place. Pick up scattered waste regularly.

“We need to act now, not just spend our time talking,” said Manuela, who spoke in English and occasionally Indonesian.

Manuela, who was met after swimming in the clear waters of Nirwana Beach on Tuesday (3/11/20), revealed that there must be awareness among all parties so that tourist destinations can be more comfortable and enjoyable and leave a deep impression to to visit again.

In addition to visiting Nirwana Beach, Manuela will also go into the forest, see the tourism potential of waterfalls and caves, which are located in the city that has the widest fortress in the world. Manuela accompanied by Petra Mamonto.

Manuela really seemed to enjoy the natural nuances of Nirwana Beach. Seen when Manuela swims, and occasionally dives in the waters of this tourist icon of Baubau City.



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